Hus 57 - Ängelholm

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112 RUM & KÖK!

At Hus 57 our passion is delicious food and drinks.  We offer savory food made from scratch using fresh local produce, often with greens and vegetables as a base while making sure no food goes to waste.


Our menu is designed depending upon availability of freshest seasonal produce we can find among our unique local suppliers. We carefully evaluate and select our local farmers to get the freshest local and quality-assured produce.  In this process, we understand that awareness of sustainable, organic and nutritional food provides better quality and is essential for our environment and future of our community.


Sustainable Cooking

To ensure sustainable cooking, we have developed close relationships with our local suppliers who can deliver produce that may otherwise have been wasted.


Local Produced

It warms up our hearts to know that our fresh produce comes from local farmers who are in the local region. We have developed a long list of incredibly good producers in the neighborhood who are grateful for our support!


Vegetables in Focus

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the meat consumption we have today is not sustainable in the long run. That is the reason why we want to cook our food with a strong focus on vegetables. This does not, of course, mean that we should all become vegetarians, but instead show off the underestimated greens!


Cooking by Season

We also want to use and show off the fresh produce when it is at its best. A strawberry in September will never taste as well as one picked and enjoyed in June. While we try to stick with the seasonal offerings, if you are good carefully stocking the produce, you can also prolong the season and enjoy it well into the off-season as well.


Everything we cook and serve in the restaurant reflects our food philosophy. We will deliver delicious and solid food from scratch without shortcuts. On a daily basis we design the menu based on the best available supplies, which is why fixed lunch menus are not available.

However, always available for lunch is a salad buffet, a soup and home-baked bread and two main courses.